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Discover the One-of-a-Kind Floating Sphere.


Floating Design

We introduce our new ‘floating design.’ The unique OmniGlobe projection technology allows the screen to be separated from the base, creating an impression of a freely levitating globe

Clarity Redefined: Our Non-Reflective Coating

Revolutionizing Clarity: Our Exclusive Manufacturing and Patented Coating Ensure a Mirror-Free Display.

Sharp. Sharper. OmniGlobe.

Unleash the future of visual brilliance with Panasonic 4K laser projectors, seamlessly combined for an unparalleled experience. Elevate your viewing with pixels multiplied by an extraordinary factor of 2.6.


Experience next-level image quality with our innovative acrylic screens featuring a patented surface treatment. Our exclusive process enhances contrast, a key element for achieving superior visuals. Witness the difference yourself – the image on the right showcases our patented coating versus one without.

Light Distribution

Enlightening Innovation: Our patented mirror technology ensures optimal light distribution across every surface, delivering an unparalleled visual experience.


Elevate your viewing experience with the all-new Panasonic 4K REQ series projector, offering customizable brightness options ranging from 8.000 to 30.000 ANSI lumens. Achieve exceptional clarity in room light conditions of up to 500 LUX, creating a harmonious overall image with our reflection-free surface technology.

Integrated Rail, Surround Speaker and
Ambient Light

We offer OmniGlobes in three variants:


  • A budget version with a basic frame for integration into custom enclosure solutions.
  • A standard version with a base and a separate kiosk terminal.
  • A high end version for high-traffic locations. Contains a fully integrated and high-quality stainless steel frame, built-in speaker system, and ambient light.

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What material is the OmniGlobe made of?

What about the maintenance?

How do you get a framless picture on the sphere

Our patented mirror technology enables us to create a frameless and continuous 360° image. In addition, we have higher and homogeneous light distribution across the entire screen surface